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Picture of row of backpacks hanging on a hook.
Picture of front of Bishop's Peak Elementary.
Picture of sign of Bishop's Peak Elementary on side of school.
Picture of teacher on floor with kids holding up fingers for them to count.

News and Events

Upcoming Events

Program Highlights

Our Vision and Mission

The Bishop’s Peak school and family community is student-centered, innovative, and committed to empowering all of our children to develop independence, collaborative critical thinking skills, and compassion.   Take Care of Yourself.  Take Care of Others.  Take Care of This Place.

Innovation Lab

Our Foundation funded Innovation Labs in each elementary school, helping our youth use technology for creative and academic achievement. Our Foundation works collaboratively and creatively to ensure student success in a supportive environment. 

PTA Fundraising

Our PTA finds all kinds of ways to raise money for our school.

Cardboard Challenge

Schools and all district work sites are inherently safe and secure environments for students, parents, and staff.

Our Buddies

Our classroom buddies working outdoors.

Classroom Technology

Technology inside the classroom works to help children.

Bishop's Peak In Video

Bishops Peak Kindergarten Welcome
Welcome to the Innovation Lab